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We are the company that your scam broker fear.  If you have fallen victim to predatory online trading websites – We can get your money back. We take pride in being the industry experts in fund recovery.

Your Best Option for Recovering Stolen Funds

Financial Credence is a leading digital asset and cryptocurrency retrieval service that existed purely on the deep web until the firm decided to extended its services to the general web since the drastic increased rate of fraudulent investment companies and brokers.

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Areas of Expertise

Here are the a few of the major services the firm offers. Contact us for more

HYIP Disputes

High Yield Investment Programs commonly known as HYIP are investment scams that promise unreasonably high returns and often just use new investors’ money to pay off older investors using payment systems such as Cryptocurrency and digital currency such as…

Binary Options Recovery

According to the SEC, A binary option is a type of options contract in which the payout will depend entirely on the outcome of a yes/no proposition that relates to whether the price of a particular asset that underlies the…

Forex Trading Scams

Forex is the real time financial market that investors can trade a wide variety of international currencies. This market happens to be the biggest market with the most liquidity on the planet. On a daily basis there are literally trillions of pounds in play. This is why this particular type of scam can seem …

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Our main and most pressing goal is to recover your money and other valuables.

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We gather and go over your evidences carefully and build an irrefutable case

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Our customer care is empathetic because we understand how saddening losing money can be

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Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“I can thoroughly recommend Financial Credence. They are competent, supportive, and most refreshing, honest. They will only take your case if they believe they can recover a client’s money. I would recommend contacting them first to get an honest assessment of your chances of recovery.”

Julie Osullivan
Completely recommend this service. They stepped in when another recovery service I'd employed to help me disappeared. The support team took on my case and they did more for me in a few weeks than had happened in months. The expert in charge of my case was understanding, thorough and kept in contact working around time differences smoothly. We recovered 80% of my lost funds and ended up taking the scam site offline.
John Allison
This is the most money i had ever lost in my life and it was recovered on this skyminer hyip site which wa $2500. This team successfully tracked down my payments and got my money back. I eventually referred them to my upline who had also lost money on the same skyminer site and they recovered his too.
Alicia Potter
I put in $1280 using bitcoin in Suzukicoin and I was only paid once before the site stopped all payments, thanks to this team, they recovered my total invest money and 50% of my earnings, and I didn’t have to pay. Recommended him to my up line who also lost some money, and i took his advice and I won’t invest in any other site
Edward B. Suarez

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