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Here’s what we aim to Achieve

Financial Credence is an asset retrieval firm that specializes in the recovery of assets from financial fraud that existed and functioned solely on the deep web until a merger with new partners for legal disputes in 2019, services are now offered to the general population of the finance world. Our team of dedicated analysts and professionals cut across all fields and this is to ensure that we are adequately equipped both intellectually and in terms of manpower to help you recover your lost funds.

We are focused on creating an environment of trust with our clients as we understand how world shattering losing money to a scam site can be, we pride ourselves on building an environment of trust to safely guide you to get your funds back. Our primary focus is on Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, HYIP and Forex scams, our years of experience and diverse expertise of our retrievals team in the financial industry and aided us in building a complete database of scam brokers, fraudulent HYIPs and investment companies which is always updated once new sites are reported.

There are millions of dollars lost every single year throughout the entire world and our goal is to drastically cut down this rate by offering investment advice to our members. Many victims that have experienced financial losses assume they have few options when it comes to recovering their funds. Our Team is on a mission to salvage losses.

Delivering the results you need

With Financial Credence, no undertaking is too complex, and no detail too small to merit consideration. Over time, we’ve been instrumental in lending a discreet and accurate investigative approach that translates into conclusive results, which are vital to meeting the expectations of our clients.

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First-Rate Technology

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